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As Bosch Diesel Service, we are the expert service provider for all diesel systems. We offer you professional solutions for the repair and maintenance of state-of-the-art diesel technology, especially if you are a workshop owner, a business customer or a fleet operator. Save time and money and take advantage of our expert solutions!


Fuel Injection

The repair of the modern high-pressure Diesel injection systems comes with more sophisticated methods and accurate diagnosis. It requires high quality test equipment, high precision processes, special tools, clean workshop environment and diesel specialists.



We repair and rebuild all brands of Turbochargers, most makes and models, for light, medium and heavy-duty truck, for marine and industrial applications alike. From a regular service replacing the kit and balancing to full repair with internal parts like compressor wheel, turbine shaft/wheel, bearing housing, we can help longevity to your turbocharger.


Engine Overhauling

Diesel engines deliver both high level of performance and power. However, the wear and tear over time on the engine components can greatly lead to mechanical problems and engine performance failure. If you notice any engine failure symptoms of your diesel-powered vehicle or equipment that indicates overhaul is required, you should talk to your trusted technicians and engineers at Al Salehi Machinery & Equipment Repairing.


Computer Diagnostics

At Al Salehi Machinery & Equipment Repairing, we have in-house technicians and field service technicians to diagnose all makes and models of light, medium and heavy-duty truck, for marine and industrial applications. Using state-of-the art testing and diagnostics devices, our trained Service Engineers and Technicians ensure the efficient operation of your vehicles, diesel machines and equipment to take preventive action and stop minor issues developing into major repairs.

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